Fall is our secret season and you couldn’t pick a more fantastic place to stay to launch your Fall vacation adventures. The yellows, reds, oranges and golden colors will warm your heart and give you a reason to pull out those comfy cozy sweaters and come on up for a visit. 

The weather is crisp, the scenery is spectacular and the summer crowds are gone. You couldn’t pick a more perfect time to come. 

Fall Activities in Northwest Montana

We always love this time of year and you can join us for the best Octoberfest in Montana.  Fun contests, dancing, drinking and great music will get you into the festive spirit just right for Fall.  The beauty of the trees are always a draw if you want some scenic drives, Glacier National Park is about 45 minutes away and beckoning you to come and take those family photos. 

You can bike on the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park too.  It’s usually open to Logan Pass until the weather takes a turn in the middle of October. Until then, you can enjoy some truly spectacular scenery and fewer crowds.  The hiking trails are a breeze without the summer foot traffic too so you can really go at your own pace, giving you plenty of time to see the colors and explore Montana. Check out the AllTrails app (free or fee) as a great resource to what each trail holds and the difficulty levels. 

Montana Ranch With Mountains in Background

Montana Scenery In The Fall

Do you want to head to East Glacier without the worry of driving? Amtrak has daily trips which can give you about 12 hours of time to enjoy the area and then return to Whitefish at night and get a restful sleep in the comfort of the condo. 

How about going hiking with a Llama? Oh yes, there is Llama trekking on Swan Mountain. Go guided or ask for your own buddy to help you enjoy your hiking in a most unique way. 

Inside the condo, we have backpacks,  day packs, hiking poles, bear spray and sun screen in the condo for your use so you are all set to head out on your adventures and make the most of your adventures. By the way, we always welcome you to share your photos with us on Facebook, Instagram or just message us. We love seeing happy vacationers!!  

Can we do anything to make your visit to Whitefish even more special? Is there an event you need some behind the scenes planning? A potential engagement perhaps? An anniversary? We want your Montana trip to be memorable. Please feel free to reach out to us to answer any questions you may have.