What would it take to create a memorable family vacation? What are you wanting to get out of a trip to Whitefish, Montana? Are you looking for picture-perfect scenery? Or, maybe you are hoping to see some wildlife.

When you come to Montana, we’ll be honest and say that you can plan everything but, you also need to prepare to be surprised. The dynamics of weather, schedules and new adventures upon your arrival can throw that perfect schedule for a loop. So, we tell you to leave a little extra padding in any schedule you have just to enjoy and breathe in Montana.

Glacier Bear Condo Is A Luxury 2 Bedroom, 2.5 Condo In Whitefish Montana. Ski-in Ski-Out Located on Whitefish Mountain. Enjoy A Private Deck, Private Hot Tub and Free Underground Parking. Ski Lockers, Workout Room. Master Has Fireplace, Ensuite and Private Balcony. Glacier Bear Condo Is A Luxury Chalet Formerly Known As Snowbear Chalets.

There Is Plenty To Explore With Your Family In Montana

We’re here to help you with suggestions and may offer a few behind-the-scenes ideas to consider. But, we want you to do your own exploring. Be sure to leave extra time for the things you find when you get HERE.

Here’s the deal about family vacations: It’s about the memories. Let me tell you something, you won’t know what your spouse will Winter Fun Snowmobiling in Whitefishremember or what your kids will think about 20 years from now. But I promise you, it could be something as grand as their first day of skiing. Or, maybe it’s the wedding that took place on top of Whitefish Mountain. But, it could be as simple as the night you all sat around the dining table in pajamas playing games and laughing.

When I was young, we used to take summer trips to Aspen, Colorado.  The only celebrity at the time living there was John Denver. Obviously, I just gave away my age.  If you ask me who John Denver is, I may just fall over at my desk.  But, these were the best family memories I had.  How often do you look back on your vacations? Like you, I probably don’t remember any big events but just a second or two of a silly action that makes me smile.

When I come to Whitefish in the summer I can ride the chairlift every day multiple times. Why? Because of those trips to Aspen. It was one of the fun things we did as a family.  We were either talking, laughing, or just admiring the gorgeous aspens as we rode up the mountain. It doesn’t matter that I can’t remember what we talked about.  It was the time we spent together.  As an adult, I can tell you that these are what we will carry with us after our times together may be through.   For me, it always brings a smile to my face or a deep breath of thankfulness for the time we had.

I know there is so much to do everywhere you turn when you come here. From the Going To The Sun Road and exploring Glacier National Park. But, I’ll also list that are a little out of the ordinary too. There are reasons I have games in the condo.  My dad wasn’t a big board game person however, mom always was. So, when we were able to get Dad to play Pictionary, our games always ended in laughing so hard our eyes filled with tears. Sharing time at the table – without the phones – is a must.

Glacier Bear Condo Is A Luxury Chalet on Whitefish Mountain. This Beautiful 2 Bedroom

The Chefs at Black Sheep Dining Will Come & Create An Exceptional Dining Experience in the Condo

Another tip? Put the phones down. Not everything has to be recorded from your phone. Of course, take great pictures.  However, get and keep yourself in the moment. You can’t do that when you’re looking at your phone trying to get the best angle. You can laugh better and feel better when the phone is down. These vacation days are for YOU.

The feeling you get from the experience with your eyes is far better than what you’ll feel looking at it through your phone.


For some mainstream AND out-of-the-ordinary adventures to do, here’s a short list to consider:
  1. Explore the trails & lakes in Glacier National Park
  2. Ax Throwing at Hanks Hatchets
  3. Whitefish Mountain Chairlift Rides & Alpine Carts
  4. Bring in the amazing chefs at Black Sheep Private Dining and let them create an incredible 3, 4 or even 8-course meal inside the condo for you (We LOVE this one!)
  5. Rafting

    Make Montana Memories Flathead River Float near Whitefish MT

    Don’s Mom Getting Ready For Flathead River Float

  6. Flathead River Floating – the river is mild and Don’s mom (late 70’s) hooked up our floats to hers and it was a great day!
  7. Ride the Amtrak train from Whitefish through Glacier National Park to the east side of the park and ride it back 12 hours later
  8. Take an ATV ride in Olney
  9. Rent a boat and go tubing at Flathead Lake. Be sure to pick up fresh cherries at the orchards stands on your way back
  10. Rent e-bikes for the day and pick up a pizza from Jersey Boys and explore the local parks and scenery.
  11. Take a carriage ride or set up a ride on a Clydesdale at the Clydesdale Outpost
  12. Take a ziplock bag or bowl and go huckleberry picking on Whitefish Mountain
  13. Zip-lining
  14. Take a ride on a dog sled or try snowmobiling
  15. Rent a kayak or paddle board and enjoy some quiet paddling on Whitefish Lake or Lake McDonald inside Glacier National Park



Our Sister Property Inside Glacier National Park

Glacier Bear Cabin Inside Glacier National Park

Glacier Bear Cabin Inside Glacier National Park

Did you know we also have a sister location inside the Park at Apgar Village?  We do and we welcome you to take a look too. It books up pretty quick, so you may want to schedule early. Eventually, we hope to be open in the winter months for snowshoers, winter hikers and cross country skiers. Finally, they’d have a great place to stay during the winter at Apgar Village. How fun would that be, so be sure to stay tuned to our website or Facebook page for updates.

Glacier Bear Cabin is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cabin with on-site kayaks, paddle boards, mountain bikes and e-bikes on-site for guests to use anytime during your stay.  Click HERE to visit our sister website or click the icon above for more vacation information.

Furthermore, it also gives you access to the Going To The Sun Road anytime during your stay and, we’ll share that access information 24 hours before you arrive at the cabin.

Additionally, you are welcome to split your time and stay at both our locations and get the best of both worlds in Glacier National Park and Whitefish Mountain. Please email us for a special quote at don@glacierbearcabin.com and we’ll be happy to give you a special discount.