There’s nothing quite as scenic as a beautiful bride and groom saying I Do, with the stunning backdrop of our glorious Rocky Mountains.


Of course you are! And remember this, no one ever looks bad with Montana as the backdrop.  

Get Married & Kayak in Montana

Get Married & Kayak in Montana

Of course, it could be tough to plan a distance wedding. Trust me, we get it. Don and I got married in Halibut Cove, Alaska. But, a destination wedding is great to do, and the photographs and joy of the events are second to none. Rather than going on a “just married” car ride, we attached the signs to the back of our kayaks. Give it a try! 

And, once you get some excellent guidance, you can relax. Don’t stress over making every detail perfect. Remember, imperfections bring laughter and memories. But, there are plenty of wedding coordinators to choose from here.

Glacier Bear Condo is slopeside on Whitefish Mountain  which puts you in a great location already.  And, having a Whitefish Mountain Resort wedding can be spectacular with some unbelievable photos.  You and your guests will see mountains in every direction.  You can get married at the top of whitefish mountain, or why not choose the glorious Glacier National Park?  With either of those two choices, you cannot go wrong.

Our Condo location will give you quick and easy access to ride the chairlift to the top of the mountain in your wedding dress. With scenery in every direction and mountain tops as your backdrop, this is one of the best locations to get married. So, consider a Whitefish Resort wedding as a splendid location!

And, a great perk is a possibility of being seen on the Whitefish Resort WebCam for your wedding. If they don’t see you on the WebCam they’ll at least see your arrival. Of course, every guest hiker mountain biker or visitor at the top of the mountain will also see you in your dress.

Lake McDonald Wedding In Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald Offers A Beautiful Wedding Location In Glacier National Park

Getting married inside Glacier National Park requires a simple form or two and finding the perfect background for your day. It’s straightforward when you don’t have many guests except an occasional deer moose or even the possibility of a bear meandering through. We can give you a few suggestions of locations. Of course, many people choose Lake McDonald because of its crystal clear water and stunning mountains in the far background. 

But, there are more – a lot more – locations to choose from. (And, it’s always great to wear your wedding dress with the most

Perfect Wedding Shoes for Getting Married at Glacier National Park

Wear the Right Wedding Shoes When You Get Married in Glacier National Park

comfortable hiking boots to get around in.) Trust me, I know this and my grandmother’s rhinestone made a great addition laced onto my hiking boots. 

Do you want a Lakeview like a waterfall flowing behind you?  Or, maybe you prefer green valleys beside you. Of course, we have a beautiful Tamaracks in the Fall too.  There are so many choices when it comes to nature that will give you the prettiest and most beautiful wedding.

If you want to learn more about getting married inside Glacier National Park, click HERE to learn more. It’s not difficult, and you don’t need to overspend thousands of dollars.  However, if you want a unique or different location to consider for the wedding, just call and talk to Don.  He has some excellent ideas or locations.  Don and our property manager, Teryn know the area well and may be able to give you some great advice and suggestions.

Now, when you’re looking for a great place for your family or guests, Glacier Bear Condo is an excellent option for your Whitefish wedding guest lodging. Why get a hotel when you can relax in a home-like environment, right?  Our chalet is genuinely one of the best places in Whitefish, MT. Pristine, modern and built in 2020, we are an ideal location to launch your wedding guests into a great Montana vacation and vibe.

And, remember, we do have a 2 bedroom cabin inside Glacier National Park at Apgar Village too. Glacier Bear Cabin is a great place to get ready. Of course, you can stay there for a romantic honeymoon for a few nights too.  And yes, we love having people book both the condo and the cabin which means you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.  

We have a great relationship with our next-door neighbors in condo #3 (we’re unit 2) who also rent their chalet for the same price as ours. So, if you have a wedding party or parents who want to stay close by, obviously, we have you covered. And, we will connect you with them.  It’s actually a great way to have space, and privacy but you’ll still be close to family, friends, and all the fun events. 

And yes, you can ship anything you need ahead of time since we have a particular delivery location where items can be sent. 

Montana Wedding In Glacier Bear Condo Amber Lynn Photo

Photo Courtesy of Amber Lynn Photography. Glacier Bear Condo

Now, let’s talk about photographers. We have a great lady who has a great sense of humor, does a fantastic job, and knows her way around Glacier National Park. Check out Amber Lynn Photography.  If you need engagement, wedding, or family photos, reach out to her for quotes. 

However, if you prefer to have a small gathering in the condo, then you can really make the pre-wedding dinner fun. Simply bring in the pros and

Black Sheet Private Dining Whitefish MT

Pamper Yourself With a Private Culinary Experience Inside Glacier Bear Condo

let Black Sheep Catering do all the work! Their expert chefs will create an incredible dinner on-site for all of you, giving you extra time to relax, be together, laugh, and finish any final details before your big day arrives. Whether it’s a 3, 4 or up to 8-course dinner, they will arrange it with you. Or, make it a special gift for your parents to have a special quiet meal prior all the festivities. Seriously, we can’t recommend this enough as a unique and friendly way to kick off your wedding events. 

Of course, Whitefish has some exceptional one-of-a-kind restaurants if you want to get out and about. Ciao Mambo is one of my favorites for Italian. Their unique dishes are beyond delectable, and their desserts should always be a priority! I cannot stress that enough. Don’t forget to make reservations. They can get busy. 

While the Boat Club Dining Room has a lovely backdrop at the lake, we’ve had issues with their service the last couple of times, and the food was mediocre at best. We hope that will change, but that’s just our opinion. 

Latitude 48 Bistro has a great atmosphere and excellent wine and cocktail list. Their farm-to-table freshness is delicious and it’s an excellent option for taking helpful groomsmen or bridesmaids out for a special dinner.

Montana Picnic Company will give you a unique experience for a wedding dinner, wedding shower (yes!) or even, elopement. They serve all over the Flathead Valley and will set everything up for you. So, all you do is arrive, sit and relax. Seriously, check them out!  Imagine taking your family or friends to the top of the mountain a few days before your big event and then, having a special picnic before your beautiful whitefish mountain wedding.

Here are a few extra links to look at for Wedding Venues or suggestions. 

B Rose Confections Custom Cookies & Celebration Cakes

Blacksheep Private Dining

Ciao Mambo

The Montana Way Gifts

Montana Picnic Company

Again, don’t stress over a great place for your Whitefish wedding guests to stay. You’re getting married in Montana. Seriously, how cool is that? Whether a Whitefish Mountain wedding or a wedding inside Glacier National Park, we’re here to ensure your guests have a great place to stay. Of course, we want it to be a place they’ll always remember your wedding. Our location is perfect. The deer going by in the mornings will welcome them. Sitting in the jacuzzi, relaxing with a glass of wine after a happy day is just the perfect ending.

Ski In Ski Out Condo On Whitefish Mountain

Sit In Your Private Jacuzzi Right Off The Ski Lift